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The company BALMAT was established in 1996 and that time belonged among the first companies in Slovakia, which were engaged in the sale of packing materials and machines. Since its beginning till the present the satisfaction of customers has been on the very first place. Our trained personnel with long-time experience are glad to recommend you the most suitable and at the same time the most economical packing material, possibly packing machine for needs of your company.  In our offer there are packing rewinding machines for stretch flms, a machine and hand stretch film, a LDPE thermically shrinking film for a group packing,  LDPE bags, adhesive tapes – packing ones, double-faced ones, krepe ones, tapes with a logo of our company, PP, PES, PET and steel binding tapes, a bubbly film, cardboard and plastic protective corners for protection of goods, various metal and plastic clips for binding tapes, strapping machines for hand and machine packing with   a binding tape, cardboard covers, a corrugated cardboard and other necessary packing materials for your products.